Valkubus shipper unite! Anyways, you guys all know Lost Girl is near and dear to my heart. It was the entire reason why I joined the Tumblr community. And while my Tumblr will always have a massive amount of Lost Girl, especially Valkubus, I now post a lot of other things. Want to know what? Follow me and find out. ♥

If you guys want to know what my playlist is, here's the full list!

1. Another You, Another Way - Against the Current
2. Beauty & a Beat - Chrissy Costanza, Alex Goot & Kurt Schneider
3. Closer, Faster - Against the Current
4. Counting Stars- Chrissy Costanza, Alex Goot & Kurt Schneider
5. Guessing - Against the Current
6. Infinity - Against the Current
7. Not Over You - Chrissy Costanza & Alex Goot
8. One More Night - Alex Goot & 7 YouTuber Collab
9. Thinking - Against the Current

As you can probably gather, I'm absolutely in love with Chrissy Costanza and Against the Current. They're an amazing band, with a lot of great talent. ♥

Obviously I'm into graphic design, and I've had a few people ask me if they can use my art for various things, and my answer will always be yes. I don't care if you cite me or not when you use it, just don't pass it off as your own work. That's all I ask.

A little about me - I'm 19, I love Lost Girl, Warehouse 13, and Pretty Little Liars. I have girl crushes on characters in all of those shows actually(: I'm Bisexual, but prefer girls, a lot. I enjoy doing graphic design and video making in my free time, if that wasn't already apparent.

@ValkubusShipper if you want to follow me. You'll get Tweeted every time I make a post on Tumblr, plus other things, usually pictures and videos I decide to Tweet(:

I'm an Admin on the Valkubus facebook page, so if you have a facebook and are a Valkubus fan, consider go liking the page!(:

And further ado, on to my glorious posts!

So I’m done with the main reoccurring characters. I am aware of others such as Vex, Ciara, The Ash, The Morrigan, and other supporting actors. Arguably Vex is a main reoccurring character, but he doesn’t have a studio photo, so I left him out of this batch. I’ll probably do supporting characters next, but I need a break, my inspiration is quickly going down the tubes.

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