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Pretty Little Liars [Finale]

Spoilers Inbound

So, I just finished watching that PLL finale. And needless to say it was once again a massive, nearly disappointing cliffhanger. But just good enough to make me want to watch future episodes. 

I will give the writers credit though that they always manage to make it frustrating enough that we’re going to theorize and speculate throughout the breaks and be frustrated forever. But not frustrating enough that we all stop watching.

So Mona’s death, I’ll be honest. I’ve never been a huge fan of Mona, but I will admit that her character is so dynamic and complicated that I at least love her characterization and I’m bummed that she’s dead. I’ve seen some theories that Mona isn’t dead and it was faked.

And I suppose that could be theory, but someone I doubt it. When the PLL crew say something about the show, they don’t outright lie about it. And when they said someone will die, I doubt they’re lying about it. So I am of the opinion that Mona is dead. As much as well all don’t want it.

Spencer being arrested for Bethany’s murder, that is obviously a set up. If Ali is A or whatever, she herself or her crew tipped of the cops to set her up. Because we all know Spencer didn’t kill her. Mellisa was technically the one to kill her, although not intentionally.

And finally the ‘Ali is A’ thing. I don’t deny the possibility. However, I feel like there are other things that we don’t know about yet. Ali is obviously nuts, but wither she is A and killed Mona I’m not entirely sure about. Hopefully we’ll find out at some point.

I don’t know how I want to react..

So as we all now know, Season 5 will be the last Lost Girl season. I can’t say I’m particularly surprised, because a lot (not all), but a lot of SciFi type shows only have a 5-6 season lifespan, and that’s assuming they’re successful, which Lost Girl obviously is.

And it is a slightly longer season, 16 episodes instead of around 13. So there’s that to look forward to. And the fact that it’s supposed to be an amazing season. Considering they know that it’s the last season, they’re not going to have to leave cliffhanger endings based on it getting renewed or not.

But on the other hand, LOST GIRL IS ENDING. Like that hits right in the feels. Anyone who has devoted their TV watching life to Lost Girl is just going to be heartbroken, such as myself. I wish it wasn’t ending, but at the end of the day, I’m hoping that this last season will be a showstopper and worthy of being my favorite season.

Don’t worry Lost Girl fans, we’ll get through this, together.

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