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Okay AE Hunger Games…

Okay, so I’m obviously part of the Lost Girl fandom, and as much as I want Lost Girl to win, if you go by the actual purpose of the poll, who would win the Hunger Games; in my opinion, Myka is much more suited for that title. Sure, this has pretty much turned into a popularity contest between fandoms.. But still, lets think about this.

Lauren is crazy smart, I don’t deny that. She is an amazing scientist. She also spent time in Afghanistan, although it’s unclear if she was in a combat capacity or medical. She was also labeled as a terrorist at a fairly young age - around 17 or 18. However, she’s not infallible. Such as in episode 3x10, she can be overpowered by someone with a higher physical capability and little surprise.  Plus she isn’t the most physical person in the world. And before people pull brains over brawn on me.. 

Myka is an ex-Secret Service Agent & current Warehouse agent. She has shown that she is both intelligent as well as physically capable. More physically capable in my opinion than Lauren. Lauren may be more scientifically smart than Myka, but that’s not to say Myka is dumb by any means. She has a deep understanding of history, most likely from her Warehouse job. She also (seemingly) has a photographic memory, as shown in episode 2x03. And on top of her smarts, she’s insanely capable physically. She’s an expert martial artist, although it’s unknown in what style (I wish it was Kenpo). She’s also quite capable with a sword and is a fairly good shot with a gun. 

Of course Myka isn’t infallible either. Lauren could possibly overpower her given the correct circumstances and the element of surprise. However, Lauren would be relying on science to overpower Myka. She just doesn’t have the physical capability to do so without some sort of scientific help. 

And to people who talk about Myka relying on artifacts to beat Lauren.. Remember that before the warehouse, Myka still was a Secret Service agent. Remember that does take a college education as well as some pretty heavy physical skills. Lauren on the other hand has all the science in the world on her side. Knowing her she’d probably make some sort of bomb out of dirt, but still; Being a Secret Service agent, equips you to deal with high stress, dangerous situations. 

At the end of the day, it’s my personal opinion that Myka would beat Lauren in a Hunger Games match up, 8 times out of 10. If I had to pit them against each other in a fight, I’d back Myka every time. And this isn’t me dislike Lauren or anything. I’m being realistic; not taking sides because of favoritism of shows.  

But of course, this poll is sort of more a fandom popularity contest to some people and not an actual honest “Who would win” contest. So.. we’ll see.

So I went on a long Warehouse 13 marathon, all the HG Wells episodes (because c’mon, Jaime Murray). And you know what I just realized? I feel like I’m really slow, but in Season 2 it’s 2 Warehouses, 1 Caretaker. In Season 4 it’s 1 Warehouse, 2 Caretakers. :D Call me slow if you want :p

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